Manage Your VS Code Projects Easily With Project Dashboard

Manage Your VS Code Projects Easily With Project Dashboard

Getting frustrated when scrolling through your recently opened projects list in Visual Studio Code will be history after you have read this post. The Visual Studio Code Extension Project Dashboard comes to rescue you from time wasting and headaches in the future.

A few weeks ago Krzysztof Bialowas mentioned this extension in one of his Business Central Beerinars. I was surprised that I could not find any other Business Central related person writing about it, so I decided to write a post about it.

What Does It Do?

VSCode Project Dashboard is a Visual Studio Code extension that lets you organize your projects in a speed-dial like manner. Pin your frequently visited foldersfiles, and SSH remotes onto a dashboard to access them quickly.” [quoted from the Visual Studio Marketplace]

This is how my personal Project Dashboard looks right now. It is an incredibly convenient way to switch between my VS Code projects.

The dashboard opens when you start Visual Studio Code, but you can also open it by using the Command “Project Dashboard: Open” (CTRL + F1).

An Example How To Use Project Dashboard

Let’s dive into it and create a simple example so you can see how easy it is to use this extension. Click “New Group” and type the name of the new group you want to create:

Use the “+” to create a new project of type “Folder: Project”

Select your folder. In my case this is the folder “ALNavigatorTest”

The extension will suggest a name for the new project according to the folder you selected. Feel free to change the name here if you would like to.

Select a color. I do not care that much about the color, so I usually go with the option “Random Color”.

As a result, your new project has been added to the dashboard.

Also make sure to check out the readme of the extension if you would like to know more details about it.

An Alternative Extension

There is another Visual Studio Code Extension called Project Manager which you can use to handle your projects. If the Project Dashboard is not for you, maybe the Project Manager better suits your needs.

Have a nice week 🙂

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