Report Overview – How To Run All Your Reports

Report Overview – How To Run All Your Reports

Are you also getting tired of navigating through Business Central to run your reports?
Do you want to know which custom reports you created in your extensions and run them easily?
Then the Report Overview I created is the cure for your problem.

What Is The Report Overview?

I created the Report Overview for two reasons:

  • Firstly, I wanted an easy way to run and test reports.
  • Secondly, I wanted to open the pages related to my reports so I can create new records.

As a result, I created an overview that looks like this:


It consists of three areas, which I will explain in the following.

Top Area – Run Selected Report and Go To Setting/Setup Pages

In the top area you can select any report in the field “Run Report with ID”.

After that, run the selected report via the PageAction “Report” -> “Run Report with ID”.


The PageAction group “Settings” takes you to other relevant pages:

  • Report Settings
  • Report Selection Sales
  • Report Selection Purchase
  • Company Information

Middle Area – Run Custom Reports And Open Report Related Pages

In the middle area “Report Overview” you will find an overview of your custom reports with these 5 fields:

  • Report ID
  • Report Caption
  • List Page No.
  • Card Page No.
  • Test Information

The fields Report ID and Report Caption are filled automatically when the page is opened. Now you might wonder what the other information are for. Good question!

You can connect your report to a list page via the List Page No. If you then execute the PageAction Manage -> “Open List Page”, the corresponding page will be opened. The same principle applies to the Card Page No. This has proven to be very useful for me when I want to create new records for certain reports for testing. The Test Information field allows you to store more information – possibly something like details about filters or numbers that you would like to test.

Here it is also possible to execute the selected report via Manage -> “Run Selected Report”.

PageActions of the middle area:

  • Run Selected Report
  • Open Card Page
  • Open List Page

Bottom Area – Run Report Selection Reports And Open Report Related Pages

In the lower area “Report Selections” you see the most important report selections. For this purpose I use a fixed filter in the background. As in the middle area, the “List Page No.” and “Card Page No.” Pages link to the reports. But these Pages are assigned automatically!

For instance, the Card Page No. for the report “Sales Invoice” links to the “Sales Invoice Card”, the List Page No. for the same report links to the “Sales Invoices”.

PageActions of the bottom area correspond to those of the middle area:

  • Run Selected Report
  • Open Card Page
  • Open List Page

Enjoy 🙂

Download of Report Overview

All files of this project can be downloaded on github following this link.

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