Profile Switcher for Visual Studio Code – Switch to Presentation Profile in a Second

Profile Switcher for Visual Studio Code – Switch to Presentation Profile in a Second

Do you sometimes present things in Visual Studio code to other people? If so, you may have found yourself in a situation where you want to quickly switch between a “work mode” and a “presentation mode”. In work mode, you want to have all your extensions and a dark background, but in presentation mode, you want a light background and a light environment. Pictures speak more than a thousand words, so I’ll just show you what I mean. Note the difference between the extensions on the left side and the background color. Now our hero Profile Switcher joins the game.

During a training preparation I discovered this very useful Visual Studio Code Extension Profile Switcher. It allows you to create profiles in Visual Studio Code, where you can save your current settings. The Profile Switcher enables or disables the necessary extensions and settings when you select a profile.

The three commands “Save Profile, Select Profile and Delete Profile” in the extension are the most important. In practice, the profile can be changed in seconds using “Select Profile”:

The following excerpt is quoted from the Visual Studio Marketplace

Save Profile

This saved the current user settings with the name you provide. You can use this to create a new profile or you can update an existing profile. The profile, when saved, is done so against your user-level settings.

Extensions that are installed are stored with the profile. See Extensions for more information on how Extensions are handled.

Note: This looks at the settings at the user level and not the workspace.

Select Profile

This allows you to select a previously saved profile. It’ll replace it at the user level, not the workspace level. It works by merging your saved settings over the top of your current settings.

The extensions that are linked to the profile will be installed and extensions that weren’t in the profile are removed. See extensions for more information on how Extensions are handled.

Delete Profile

This removed a previously saved profile.

I hope this helps some of you. Have a nice week!

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