Missing Permission Set

Missing Permission Set

A while ago, I came across an interesting error message that I had not seen before. The error message occurred when I created an empty table with the “ttable” snippet, claiming that my extension has a “missing permission set”.

PerTenantExtensionCop Ruleset

Apparently the PerTenantExtensionCop felt that we had stepped on his toes. Recently, the rule “PTE0004” forces all table definitions to have a matching permission set. If not, you will get an error. Here you can look up the rules of the PerTenantExtensionCop.


Missing Permission Set Error Message

As a result, Visual Studio Code shows the following ugly message.

“Table ‘xxx’ is missing a matching permission set.” This confused me at first, because I have not yet been confronted with this error message.

Missing Permission Set


Fortunately, the solution is not far away. Open the command window via “CTRL” + “SHIFT” + “P”. Type “perm”. After that the function “AL: Generate permission set containing current extension objects” appears. This function creates the permission set as XML structure and you can happily continue programming.

Create Permission Set

From Business Central you can also export permission sets. For more information about that, checkout this link.

By coincidence, I stumbled across another post here after finishing this post. It contains even more detailed information about the Permission Sets for people who are not only interested in a quick solution.

If you have not checked out my series about how to boost your productivity with AL and Business Central, make sure you change that. 🙂

I hope this helps. Have a nice week.


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