Resize Columns in Word Layouts

Resize Columns in Word Layouts

Have you ever bothered with column widths in Microsoft Word when you wanted to edit a Business Central Report? You resize columns and thereby automatically reduce the size of the following column. What a bummer!

You don’t know what I mean? Let me show you. In the GIF down here, I’m enlarging the first column “ItemNo_Line_Lbl”. As a result, the second column “Description_Line_Lbl” is automatically reduced in size. But I do not want that at all. Instead, I just want to make the table larger.

Resizing Columns in table

Thank God Microsoft Word has more than that. I still don’t understand why it behaves like this by default. I at least would expect a different behavior.

Instead of directly resizing columns in the table, you can resize columns at the top with your “ruler”. This will enlarge the table and the other columns will keep their size. Just what we want. Eureka!

Hopefully you can see it in this GIF:

Resizing columns with ruler

Have a nice week!

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