Snippet Suggestions in Visual Studio Code

Snippet Suggestions in Visual Studio Code

This is one of the shortest posts ever. Five minutes ago I was annoyed by Visual Studio Code’s default behavior when it comes to IntelliSense in combination with snippets.

Picture tell more than words, so I will show you an example. I have an OnAfterValidateTrigger and want to see the suggestions inside the brackets. When I hit Ctrl + Space to activate IntelliSense, the first suggestions are all snippets that do not make sense in this situation.

The first suggestion I would expect is the suggestion “var”. Unfortunately, it is at the bottom of this suggestion list. So i checked the settings and found a setting that is called Snippet Suggestions. By default, this setting is set to “inline”.

After changing that Snippet Suggestion setting to bottom, the order of my suggestions made more sense.

Here is a picture of the setting that you need to change.

Maybe all of you already know this and just laugh about this post, then that’s okay. If this helps even a single person that did not know this before, then the post was worth it.

Have a nice week!

3 thoughts on “Snippet Suggestions in Visual Studio Code

  1. I’m one of the ones who didn’t know 😉 – so thnx dude!
    i think i have to look more in the settings

    1. Nice to hear that 🙂
      Yea, Visual Studio Code can do some interesting things if you are willing to investigate its functions and settings. The big question is: Who has the time to check all of these settings and functions?


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